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May 15 2014


Newsome Discovers Laughter Is Contagious And A Great Workout - Kshb.com

- For years I've heard reports about the importance of laughter and good health; but I have to admit that I had never head of a laughter workout. Then, I met Maurine Pachter, to learn more a Laughter Shin Ohtake Yoga Instructor who invited me to her workout and I'm so glad she did. I met Maurine and a group of lovely ladies at Village Shalom in Overland Park, Kan. They were welcoming and in a great mood which set the perfect stage to begin laughing. Pachter begins with a group chant, "Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho," then we all raise our hands over our heads and say, "Wheeee." Then she starts telling us fun commands. For example, laugh like a cowboy, wave like a beauty queen and then while we do those movements-- we laugh. "Laughter really is the best medicine," Pachter said. "Laughter can change your perspective towards life and make you more positive and joyful. During class when I first started laughing, I was trying and forcing myself to laugh and then I started thinking about funny moments and looking at the others laughing and it became more real. By the end of the workout my sides were aching because I was laughing so much. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you Maurine and thank you Village Shalom. If you'd like to Max Workouts review participate in the laughter workout you can go to Village Shalom on the first Monday of every month at 11 a.m. Copyright 2014 Scripps Media, Inc.
More http://www.kshb.com/lifestyle/newsome-discovers-laughter-is-contagious-and-a-great-workout

March 26 2014


Pole Dance The New Fitness Fad In Uae

Its important to find the right instructor who teaches you the moves correctly. Its a fun and thrilling workout which has helped tone my body really well. Instructor Donelle Sweeting at Pole-a-holic, Dubai, says one does not have site to be a gymnast to take up the training. Its all about strength, flexibility and stamina and anyone can learn it. Dance is a major focus in my classes. Poll fitness is gaining popularity in Abu Dhabi too. People in all shapes and sizes can do pole fitness training. All that one max workouts needs is the willingness to do it. It is a fun activity and a great workout for the whole body, says Chantelle Atkins, Lead Instructor, Cobra Fitness Abu Dhabi. Safety precautions Given that some people consider pole dancing a risky sport, particularly as once advances and learns more daring tricks, Vladislava says: Safety is paramount in our classes. When my girls first started doing inversions, they also learnt to spot each (a pole dance technique) other correctly.
Read more: http://gulfnews.com/life-style/leisure/pole-dance-the-new-fitness-fad-in-uae-1.1309208

February 17 2014


Beat The Crowds At The Gym

Avoid prime time. Stay away during the late morning and early evening hours if possible. Obviously, this is the most convenient workout time for most people. Take a closer look at your schedule and see if you can Shin Ohtake review find a better time. Could you take a longer or even a later lunch and use it as your workout time? Can you go to work later to work out beforehand? Can you come in to work earlier so you can leave early to hit the gym? Even though it might not be as convenient max workouts as some of the prime times, it might be more realistic way to work out in the end. Talk to the staff.
More http://www.ajc.com/feed/lifestyles/beat-the-crowds-at-the-gym/fX9Hk/

February 09 2014


Collmenter, D-backs Spring Into Arizona Action

-- Friday was Josh Max Workouts pdf Collmenter's 28th birthday and the D-backs right-hander was exactly where he wanted to be as Arizona's pitchers and catchers went through their first workout of the spring. "It's a birthday present for me to be around all the guys," Collmenter said. "That's Max Workouts review the fun part -- getting to see everyone again and getting things kicked off. It's a little more laid back and lighthearted the first few days until everyone shows up, and then you start ramping up the intensity when we start approaching the games." The D-backs were the first Major League team to begin workouts this spring -- thanks to the fact that they will open the regular season on March 22-23 with a two-game series against the Dodgers in Sydney, Australia. D-backs general manager Kevin Towers wandered the practice fields and was pleased with what he saw. "It's good to see the guys out there," Towers said. "You've been kind of trying to get a feel for what your club is going to look like once they take the field and you start seeing them in uniform. It looks like everybody's taken care of themselves over the winter time." Indeed, the D-backs appear to be healthy with only pitchers Daniel Hudson and Matt Reynolds -- both of whom had Tommy John Surgery and are expected to miss the season -- and outfielder Cody Ross limited in camp.
Source: http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/ari/d-backs-get-jump-on-rest-of-major-leagues-with-spring-workouts?content_id=67549778&ymd=20140207

January 26 2014


Broncos Making Long-awaited Return To Super Bowl

Elway was Denver's automatic pick at quarterback for 16 seasons but in the first 12 seasons after he retired, the Broncos tried 10 different players in the position. MASTER STROKE In 2011, Tim Tebow, who won a Heisman Trophy as the top college player, led the Broncos back to the playoffs for the first time in six seasons and developed a cult following among fans. But Elway, now working as the Broncos vice president, was unconvinced. During the offseason, Elway signed free agent Peyton Manning to a five-year $96 million deal and traded Tebow the following day. Although Manning had won a Super Bowl with Indianapolis and was already regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in the game, his signing still carried an element of risk. Manning was already 36 years old and had missed the entire previous season because of a neck injury, but it still proved to be a masterstroke. With expectations sky high in the Colorado state capital, Manning led the Broncos to the best record in the AFC and a divisional title in his first season, before a double-overtime loss in the divisional round to the Baltimore Ravens , the eventual Super Bowl champions.

January 19 2014


welcome to my web journey

welcome to my web blog
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